More Information About the Writer

Brandy Anderson, BA, MA, M.Ed, PhD Candidate


I am a Writer, Reader, Shelleyan Scholar, and a Watcher of Too Many Judd Nelson Movies.

I update this blog a few times a week. I mostly share poetry, but you’ll also find some of my writing (usually academic), as well as other random bits, mostly having to do with various pop culture nonsense.

I have my BA degree in English Literature, my MA degree in English Literature, and my M.Ed degree with a focus on International Education and Research.

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I am also a regular contributor for the film publication Filmonic and the Snazzy Space blog. I volunteer as a writer for the animal welfare and environmental non-profit organization ISF.

I am also the creator and editor of Mad About Shelley, the online aggregate newspaper featuring content regarding Percy Shelley, Mary Shelley, and Lord Byron.

You can find my author page on and my author page on Goodreads. I also manage a 1920s’ Facebook page (New York City In The 1920s: Anne’s World) which features photos, videos, and other things related to New York City during the Roaring Twenties. I also have a 1920s Speak Easy Anne tumblr page.

13 thoughts on “More Information About the Writer

  1. Thanks for following The Immortal Jukebox Brandy. I hope you have found some entertaining music and writing and perhaps made some discoveries. If its been a while since you last visited come on over! Good luck with your intelligent and Intriguing blog. Regards Thom

  2. Hi Brandy, I am trying to do a research paper on unethical science and its relation to Frankestein and I used your article on “You Could Learn a Lot From a Shelley” to help with referencing and further study. In order to finish this i need to cite the websites I used so that I can give credit to the authors, the only issue is the mla citation requires the publisher and i haven’t been able to find your publisher. I would really appreciate it, if you would allow me to know your publisher/sponsor for that article. Thank you! Your work really helped me in my grueling research and cleared up a lot of details in the story that i missed.

    • Hi Nicole! Oh, thanks very much for your kind words!!! I”m so glad it helped! For MLA citation the publisher would be my website, Whitman’s Barbaric Yawp, since it’s an electronic source. 🙂 I was sponsored by University of Prince Edward Island, if that helps, but you shouldn’t need that with MLA.

      And so the citation would be:

      Anderson, Brandy. “You Could Learn a Lot From a Shelley – Ethics of Frankenstein”. Whitman’s Barbaric Yawp, 1 December 2013. Accessed 11 March 2017.

      (Of course, ‘Whitman’s Barbaric Yawp’ should be italicised above, but it won’t let me do that here, dang it!)

      Thanks again for your lovely comment! That was so nice to hear!


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