On This Shelley Sunday: Expulsion!

Day In History of a Scoundrel:
March 25, 1811: Percy Shelley was expelled from Oxford University for writing and distributing his short essay “The Necessity of Atheism”.

Now, of course, Oxford uses Shelley as one of its major claims to fame.

I had to sneak past the guard to get into this quad! It’s closed to visitors. The guard saw me after I popped through: he approached me, and started to ask me to leave just before he asked me what I was doing. When I told him I just wanted to see Percy Shelley’s old school flat, the gruff man laughed, and said, “Oh, alright then, love. Just don’t go inside because there’s students in there.” He was awesome and very lovely and let me nerd out, making my Shelley heart very content.

I would have tried to get up to his old rooms, but, sadly, his room has been altered, and is now part of the Junior Common Room.


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