I was so ready to be angry at Bernie for this endorsement. (Gotta love The Onion’s succinct summary). I listened to his speech, heard how much he has changed Clinton’s platform, how much blood, sweat, and tears he’s given, and then I saw, as he stepped away and HC took over, a man’s heart break. He looked so stricken, so suddenly faithless in our rigged political system. How can I turn my back on someone who has fought so hard for all of us? Sure, he could have refused to endorse her, sure he could have ran as a third party, but then what? He would have ended up with none of his policies, none of his dreams, being enacted come November…we would have ended up with nothing.

Rather than turning his back, Bernie has taken a bullet for us…he’s taken one for the team. He’s agreed to work with her for a chance to give Americans a better life. Do I have faith that HC will follow through with today’s promises? No, I certainly don’t think she’ll do all, but she’s more likely to at least do some than if Bernie had continued to give her the middle finger. (If she was really serious, she’d offer Bernie the VP.) Even when the deck is so blatantly stacked against him, Bernie still pushes on for his ideals.

Even if it means putting up with HC at times to get the country what it needs.

This is why I’m ‪#‎StillSanders‬ .


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