This is *not* Shelley… (A Storm in the Stars)

Douglas Booth plays Percy Shelley in the new movie A Storm In The Stars — already, I am not impressed. Perhaps this is a bit too fastidious of me, and I shouldn’t be so bothered, but Shelley was notorious for wearing his collar unbound. People would talk about it, whispering how it’s just another show of his radicalism and unconventionality. This quirk was so well known, in fact, that every painting and drawing of him reflects this unusual style.

Other movie adaptations have gotten it right. For instance, look at how Michael Hutchence as Shelley (Frankenstein Unbound) wears his collar undone and unbidden…

Yes, perhaps a tight collar isn’t enough in itself to condemn the movie. However, if such an obvious detail like this is overlooked, it shows that the filmmakers clearly have not done their research on Shelley, implying the entire production is very probably just as careless.


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