Happy Sinatra Day!

Today is the 100th birthday of entertainment great, Frank Sinatra.

Frank Sinatra 5.gif

My grandma was lucky enough to see him during his 1991 Diamond Jubilee Tour. She loved Sinatra sooo much, she was a Swoonatra bobbysoxer in the 40s, but she never did have a chance to see him perform live until she was 67 years old. My aunt went with her. My grandma was always pretty sweet and mild mannered, but that night was a bit different. My aunt said she and my grandma arrived at the venue, my grandma was obviously excited but still fairly calm — until the Chairman came out. Ha! My aunt brought binoculars which she wore around her neck before the show started. Well, as soon as Sinatra came onstage, my grandma evidentally reached over, snatched the binoculars (still around my poor aunt’s neck) and swooned over him, up close through the binos, the entire time! Man, a couple of years later, and I would have been able to be the one going with my grandma! I’m so glad she got to go! What a cool moment that must’ve been for her! I love Sinatra.

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