Meryl Streep Quote: “This Active Empathy That Women Go Through…”

Great quote from Meryl Streep:

“This active empathy that women go through from the time we are little girls, we read all of literature. All of history. It’s really about boys, most of it. But I can feel more like Peter Pan than Tinkerbell or Wendy. I wanted to be Tom Sawyer, not Becky. And [women] are so used to that active empathizing with a protagonist of a male-driven plot. That’s what we’ve done all of our lives—you read history history, you read literature, Shakespeare. It’s all fellas. But [men] have never had to do the other thing. And the hardest thing, for me, as an actor is to have a story that men in the audience feel like they can know what I feel like. It’s very hard for them to put themselves in the shoes of a female protagonist.”

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