Greendale! Why Community Matters: A Short Love Letter

I don’t understand people who aren’t excited (we’re talking full on spazzing) over the upcoming Yahoo season of Community. A quirky show about social misfits, some lovable, some crotchety, should appeal to everyone. I’ll concede that part of the attraction, for me, is that I attended a second rate community college before going on to university. So I recognize that strange mix of students, both young and old, flocking together on a campus where your lab partner is just as likely to be an ex-con as a crucifix toting grandma.

But here’s the thing: the beauty of Community is that everyone can relate, regardless of whether or not they’ve walked those hallowed, and not so hallowed, halls because, at its core, Community is about friendships and about learning to deal with one another, emotional hangups and all. Community isn’t really about school, unless you’re talking about the School of Life (high-five to Leonard). The formal education isn’t what’s important. The things that matter, to both the characters and the audience, are the bonds forged between the characters. Community teaches us to be tolerant, to emphasize with one another, and to offer forgiveness. Community shows us that all of us have the power to Chang, no matter how dysfunctional our backgrounds. The show makes us laugh, sure, but it also makes us think and to really take stock of what it means to be a Human Being. This is why I love Community and why you should, too. #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

Image Credit: Community Cast Photo: Yahoo.


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