Academic Tutoring, Proofreading, Editing

If anyone is interested in tutoring, editing, or proofreading services, check this out:

Academic Tutoring, Editing, Proofreading

I offer virtual one-on-one tutoring sessions (via live chat or Skype call), assistance with literary analysis and essay writing, editing, and proofreading. For one-on-one sessions, I specialize in literature, philosophy, and anthropology. However, I proofread and edit essays for every discipline. I am very familiar with MLA, APA, and MHRA essay formats.

I also copy edit for various projects.

For one hour of tutoring, I charge $20.

My editing rates for academic essays are as follows:
$6 per page (double spaced) at the high school level.
$7 per page (double spaced) at the undergraduate level.
$8 per page (double spaced) at the graduate level.

I charge $5 per page (double spaced) for proofreading (regardless of academic level), which means I only correct spelling errors and minor formatting issues. If you require assistance with grammatical errors and/or organizational issues, that would require a full edit, and not merely a proofread.


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