A New Video Game Celebrating Shelley, Byron, & Keats! ‘Where gamers and a Grecian urn might meet’

‘The game: You explore, come across interesting sights, and are prompted to write descriptions of what you see or how a given event went down. Each of the three worlds is named for a British poet: there’s Shelley’s World, Byron’s World, and Keats’ World. Ichiro Lambe of Dejobaan Games told me in an e-mail that the team developing “Elegy for a Dead World” plans on giving each world characteristics that refer to its namesake.

For instance, “Shelley’s World is based on Percy Shelley’s Ozymandias, which is (in part) about hubris,” he said. “So, that world’s population created huge statues, glorifying themselves above all else, and denying the proposition that anything could do them in — they were wrong, as the huge, blood-red sun in the sky can attest.”’

“Elegy for a Dead World” — a joint project by the indie developers Dejobaan Games and Popcannibal, which is raising money on Kickstarter until Tuesday and is set to be released early next year — does stand out. That’s partly because it breaks most of the rules of what we think of as a “game.” It’s more of an elaborate writing exercise — but a clever, inventive one.

The plot, as described on the Kickstarter page, is simple: “Three portals have opened to uncharted worlds. Earth has sent a team of explorers to investigate them, but after an accident, you are the sole survivor. Your mission remains the same: Survey these worlds and write the only accounts of them that outsiders will ever know.”’


Read more:

Where gamers and a Grecian urn might meet – Television – The Boston Globe.


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