Writing IS a Real Job

Nicole Trilivas

I cannot count the amount of times I’ve been told, “Get a real job.” I can’t guess how many times I’ve been asked, “When are you going back to work?” I have no idea how many people have used, “Since you’re not busy, can you _____ ?” as the way to ask for a favor. My father and older brother are the worst offenders: I’m pretty sure they literally think all I do is eat bonbons and watch daytime TV. I’ve had best friends roll their eyes at me when I say I have to work. I can feel them putting air quotes around the phrase “to work.”


They say that if you love what you do than you don’t have work a day in your life. That’s horsesh*t. Even though I adore my life as a writer, it’s still hard work. (Like any job, there are perks and…

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