Filmonic Link: 7 Living Actors Who Really Should Play Dead Authors


Check out my Filmonic article: 7 Living

Actors Who Really Should Play Dead


“Ever since I was teen, I’ve always had a Dead Poets Wall. A bit strange, maybe, but I knew a number of people in high school who had their own little version of the Dead Rock Star Wall; my taste was always just a little more literary. Shelley (both P and M), Kerouac, Thoreau, Alcott, Carroll – these were just a few of the honoraries. Occasionally, I’ll see an actor/actress who suddenly reminds me of a particular dead author and I’m struck with the hankering of wanting to see him/her play said author on the screen. Here are 7 examples of actors who just need to play these classic authors.”

Louisa_May_Alcott bruckmann-poe-portrait Marywollstonecraft oscar-wilde-pic Byron-Bale percy-bysshe-shelley


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