The Life of a Writer (In Gifs)

This is how a typical day starts:

First, you have this totally awesome idea that you can’t wait to get down on paper:

New Girl

You make the time to start writing…

New Girl

The excitement builds. It’s all coming together:

New Girl

And then…


Suddenly, you’re just left with the helpless feeling that:


So you do this a few times:


And maybe this:


Nothing makes sense anymore:


You eventually calm down enough to go back to this:


After the crippling self-doubt, the ideas come flying back:

Jim Carrey

Finally, you remember that being a writer is all about knowing, and making peace, with this truth:

hp suffer be happy gif


Image Sources:

Anne of Green Gables
Bruce Almighty
Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban
New Girl
Secret Window
Unknown Source (‘Writing is hard’) Captured From Google

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