Filmonic: The 5 Worst Hollywood Remakes of All Time



“Hollywood has a long tradition of recycling stories. Ever since Hollywood’s golden age in the 1930s and 40s, remakes have become a consistent staple of Tinseltown. Some remakes actually improve upon the original movie, like 1957′s An Affair to Remember (remake of 1939′s Love Affair – the third remake from 1994, however, is a real stinker and almost made this list), 1984′s Oxford Blues (remake of 1938′s A Yank at Oxford), and 1998′s Meet Joe Black (remake of 1934′s Death Takes a Holiday). So some ‘re-dos’ are great and a joy to watch. However, there are just as many awful remakes that leave you wondering what in the world the filmmakers were thinking. Here are five of the worst Hollywood remakes of all time.”

Link to my article: The 5 Worst Hollywood Remakes of All Time.


2 thoughts on “Filmonic: The 5 Worst Hollywood Remakes of All Time

  1. I enjoyed your list, and this sort of exercise is always fun. I wouldn’t put the 2001 Apes remake that high. To me it’s more down around the 40th-50th worsts – well-produced big-budget remakes with wrong-headed scripts, like the 2002 Time Machine remake.

    In its place I would suggest the 1998 Godzilla remake. Imagine CGI being LESS convincing than a rubber suit.

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