Beating the first-year grad school blues

Great piece on those 1st year of grad school blues. I can definitely relate!

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Norman Paterson School of International Affairs

I’ve decided to return to blogging in 2014 with a short reflection on my first semester over at MIT. Grad school here has been excellent in many ways: the course material is engaging (I particularly enjoyed a class on great power military interventions), the other students in my cohort are fantastic, razor-sharp people interested in the same issues as me and there is a great cooperative spirit among us, and I get to bike along the Charles River every day from home to the department. I even have a window office – what more to ask for?

Of course, it’s not all sunshine, and if it was it wouldn’t be interesting to write about. So, after one semester, what have I got to say about being a graduate student in political science in the U.S.?

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