Mary and Percy Shelley in Genoa, Lerici, Viareggio: Myths and Dreams of a Universal Love

EXCITING! Wish I was over there right now!

(Copied and roughly translated from here)

Mary and Percy Shelley in Genoa, Lerici, Viareggio: myths and dreams of a universal love

Elizabeth Rossi

A touring program to commemorate a trip down memory lane and poetry from Lerici to Viareggio and Genoa in places experienced by Mary and Percy Shelley, who traveled in Italy from 1818 to 1822 and they stopped at various locations. Genoa, on 11 June at 14, a plaque will be placed in the Villa Negrotto where Mary Shelley lived between 1822 and 1823, before returning to London after the death of her husband Percy Bysshe Shelley. Followed, at 16, a conference in the Palazzo Ducale in which Massimo Bacigalupo, Stephen Verdino and Carla Sanguineti will talk about the writing of Mary Shelley in Genoa and the presence of many other Englishmen in the town, Byron, Dickens.

In September, the trails will resume, this time between Lerici and Viareggio . Infant Silvia , a journalist and writer from Genoa, and Carla Sanguineti , art historian and writer, on behalf of the Italian Society of literate remember that “The Shelley landed in April 1822 San Terenzo di Lerici , where they lived until a storm swept through the poet’s boat off the coast of Viareggio, in July 1822. countries, cities, mountains are thoroughly described in the diaries, initially for four hands – and then only Mary – in the letters in the stories. Even historical figures, Castruccio Castracani for Mary and Beatrice Cenci by Percy, became the protagonists of narratives in which both expressed their rejection of a culture of war and violence. Percy Shelley was cremated on the beach in Viareggio, a monument remembers him in the square outside Villa Paolina .

Mary lived almost a year, from September 1822 to July 1823, in Genoa before returning to London and he composed some of his stories more intense. He returned to Italy to revisit the places of his youth in 1840, in 1842 and in 1843. Passage of short and tragic Shelley oriented myths and dreams of universal socialist and anarchist culture in the second half of 800, and Tuscany, Lunigiana, the myth of eternal youth inspired mortal but Percy. In their honor the great inlet of the sea between Lerici and Portovenere was called the Gulf of Poets . ”

Paths Shelleyani born from the collaboration between the Association of Friends and Friends of Mary Shelley; ANMI-Fidapa BPW ITALY Sec. La Spezia – Tertiary Woman-CIF-See Provincial Women; Of the Italian Society in Literature; Town of Lerici; Municipality of Viareggio; Municipality of Genoa; Lunigianese Academy of Sciences Giovanni Capellini; Fondazione Palazzo Ducale in Genoa; Province of Lucca; Province of La Spezia; Rotary Club of La Spezia.

via Mary and Percy Shelley in Genoa, Lerici, Viareggio: myths and dreams of a universal love.


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