7 Reasons Why Hiddleston & Cumberbatch Should Reboot ‘Bosom Buddies’


7 Reasons Why Hiddleston & Cumberbatch Should Reboot ‘Bosom Buddies’

by Brandy D. Anderson

In case you’re too young to remember the silly, but funny, early 80s sitcom ‘Bosom Buddies’ here’s a brief low-down on the wacky show: Two good-looking young guys, Kip and Henry, lose their apartment (it’s abruptly condemned) and the only new place they can afford just happens to be a ‘Women Only’ apartment complex. So what do they do? Well, go in drag, of course, and pretend to be women so they can live there. This kooky set-up is full of hilarity, naturally, and it’s only compounded when one of the guys finds himself madly attracted to his neighbour – which is a problem since she thinks he is also a she. Quirkiness abounds as the two single men engage in numerous hijinks as they juggle work, love, and gender bending while they try to survive single life in the big city. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect bromance story for Hiddles and Cumbery to take on (either on the big or small screen)? In case you’re not quite on my side, yet, I’m here to offer you 7 reasons why Hiddleston and Cumberbatch would make the ultimate buddy comedy.

7. H & C Are Crazy Pretty

Let’s get the most obvious reason out of the way first. Both Hiddleston and Cumberbatch are big batches of pretty. There’s no denying that. So, that combined prettiness would be a draw in itself. Also, since they are so lovely, it is plausible that, donning dresses and wigs, they could very well pass as women. Heck, we’ve already seen how pretty BC can be in drag. Now, certainly, they would be rather tall women, but the writers could insert a few Amazon or Scandinavian jokes to play that issue for laughs. The only real problem would be that drag H and C would be prettier than most of their real female co-stars.

6. H & C = Best Wing-Men

You just know that Hiddles and Cumbers would totally have each others’ back in any situation, particularly when it came to women. As roomies, the two would know each other so well, they’d be in perfect positions to talk-up one another to any prospective sweethearts. Cumberbatch would emphasis Hiddles’ Capoeira prowess, making any lady swoon. Hiddles would tell the ladies about Cumberbets’ amazing ‘purple shirt of sex’. The point is, it would be vastly entertaining to see the two talk each other up to the ladies.

5. H & C Enthrall With Their Cunning Cheekbones

Holy crap, these boys both have killer cheekbones! You could cut glass with those things. So imagine the immense power they would have when combined. HCCC (Hiddles Cumbers Cunning Cheekbones) could theoretically rule the world. Similar to the vampiric ability, H-Triple-C would easily enthrall unsuspecting men and women who cast their gaze on them. This would, of course, translate to the screen, which would mean anything starring this duo would certainly garner a large and devoted audience. Major studios, did you hear that?

4. H & C ‘Bosom Buddies’ Would Have the Ultimate Halloween Episode

It’s no secret that Hiddles and Cumbersnatch complement each other like a gorgeous pair of bookends. They also happen to be insanely popular actors who have done a number of diverse and iconic roles. Can you imagine how many wonderful ‘Easter Eggs’ or inside-jokes that could be done here? Hiddles and Cumbolatch could be invited to a Halloween costume party and Hiddles would, of course, want to dress up as Loki while Cumberly would dress up as a silly version of Smaug. Or, of course, Cumbata could dress as Sherlock Holmes, but it would much funnier to see him in a bad, cheesy giant dragon costume. And the episode could end with Hiddles yelling out “LOKI’D!” after pulling off a particularly good Halloween prank.

3. H & C Would Make an Adorable Credit Montage

So, the original ‘Bosom Buddies’ shows the two roomies running in the park, sun bathing, eating street hot dogs, and just being kooky together. Well, the original BB actors, Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari, are cute and all, but Hid and Cum would be much cuter frolicking on the grass together, don’t you think? Instead of riding bicycles side by side as Hanks and Scolari do, H and C could ride a 2 rider tandem bike – how cute would that be? They would, naturally, bicker over who got to ride in front and who would be stuck riding caboose.

2. H & C: Battle of the Kips

Of course, the question is who plays Kip and who plays Henry? Kip is the fast talking, confident wise-guy where Henry is the more sensitive, shy wall-flower. Skint finances isn’t the only reason these two conform to this gender-bending double life; each has a specific draw to stay at the women-only Susan B. Anthony building. Kip stays so he can be close to his gorgeous neighbour, while Henry stays so he can write a book about being ‘a man living in a woman’s world’. It seems to me that Bene C. would be an excellent Henry and Hiddlesty would be the best Kip. See, Hiddles and Cumbies are meant to be bosom buddies!

1. H & C Would Have the Cutest Roomie Arguments

Hiddles and Cumberby would be the best screen bromance ever. Seriously. Can’t you picture it right now? Hiddles comes home to their shared apartment, he tosses his briefcase on the couch and sighs at the crumpled newspaper that Cumbers left askew on the cushions. Hiddles shakes his head in mild annoyance, but it’s not that big of a deal, right? Cereal is Hiddles’ comfort food, so he goes to the pantry, pulls out his favourite (Wheaties, ‘natch!), only to find the box is nearly empty. Hiddles growls in frustration and calls Cumbly out to the kitchen. Cumbers comes out, sees the source of Hiddles’ ire, and he simply shrugs and gives his friend the cutest smile which, obviously, instantly melts Hiddles’ irritation. Most adorable pair ever.


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