Minnesota Hunters Distribute Food to Starving Deer

As a long time vegetarian myself, I’ve encountered just as many kind hunters as I have vegetarians/vegans. We may disagree on animal ethics, even vehemently, but it drives me crazy how so many people tend to demonize hunters – it’s particularly maddening when this hypocrisy comes from meat-eaters! I’m not sure why some meat-eaters think it’s any better to buy processed meat gained from animals housed in slaughter houses rather than for people to go and hunt the animals themselves; but that’s a different issue.

At any rate, I love the publication One Green Planet for running this story about the group of hunters in Minnesota who organized a large food drive for the starving deer. This article is lovely to read regardless of your stance on eating meat.


“It’s easy to demonize hunters as unsympathetic, cruel, and violent towards animals. In the snowy woods of northern Minnesota, however, hunters are not taking the lives of the local deer population this winter—they’re saving them.

As Pioneer Press reports, more than 130 Minnesotans have volunteered to lay out feed for the wild whitetail deer population, whose numbers have diminished drastically due to this year’s severe winter. The Minnesota Deer Hunters Association has spearheaded the effort, and has seen an outpouring of support.”

Minnesota Hunters Distribute Tons of Food to Starving Deer | One Green Planet



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